Forum Classification Project

This article will attempt to classify internet forums by how freely they allow people to register and post. The categories are:

0 - Completely free registration. Allows proxies / VPN / Tor, an AirMail (temporary e-mail account) and immediate posting. Note: Proxies were tested with a VPN addon - results with Tor might be different.
1 - Allows proxies and AirMail, but has some restrictions on posting, like requiring an admin to approve the first few.
2 - Requires a real mail (either admin activation or displays an error if given an AirMail).
3 - Requires solving a ReCaptcha to register.
4 - The Shit list. Bans proxies, either automatically, or manually deleting accounts that registered with them.
5 (black) - For those Shittier than Shit cases.

The way the categories work is, starting from 4, if a forum satisfies a category, the previous ones are not checked. So, if a forum bans proxies, I don't bother to see if it accepts AirMail or whatever. Also, if a forum requires ReCaptcha, I don't bother solving it, so it might still ban proxies later..

List of forums

Technology / Software

CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments distroNot very active to solve a few hacking challenges to post
https://www.wilderssecurity.comSecurityAdmin has to approve first post
https://hackforums.netHackingHave to solve ReCaptcha to even SEE the forum
https://ubuntuforums.orgUbuntu Linux


CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments
https://paranormalis.comTime Travel, UFOs, others UFOs., afterlife, etc.Admin deletes accounts registered with a proxy. What a joke.


CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments to register twice, but the confirmation e-mail never came. Assuming the admin didn't like my VPN.


CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments
http://forum.bettingadvice.comBettingCannot register with a free email (even gmail) ! Ha ha. Recaptcha as well.

Diet / Health

CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments
https://raypeatforum.comRaymond Peat's (biologist) work, general health, everything..Completely bans all proxies. Too bad, the forum is really good.


CategoryForum addressForum subjectAdditional comments course, it ends up being the Pokemon forum that respects the user the most..

Data compiled in December 2017, might be slightly outdated. Some of it also could depend on your particular setup, or an admin's specific decision.

Last updated: 14 / 06 / 2018

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